Rick Nizzardini, LCSW


533A Castro Street
San Francisco, California 94114



For over 10 years in work throughout the bay area, I have built a consulting practice for universities and community colleges, state agencies, social service and health care organizations, individuals and other nonprofit organizations needing assistance with training support, fund development, program development, program management, and supervision.  My consulting work has been a natural outgrowth of the variety of skills that I’ve developed over the last 20 years in my various roles

  • as an attorney; clinical social worker; grant writer and researcher; health and mental health program developer and director; supervisor; and marketing, public relations and community advocate
  • as a faculty member and educator at U.C. Berkeley; San Francisco State University; CSU - Easty Bay; U.C. San Francisco; and the National Association of Social Workers
  • as a Board member on the following organizations:  the California Faculty Association; the statewide California Association of Adult Day Services; Conard House nonprofit mental health services in San Francisco; the San Francisco Mental Health Board; the San Francisco State University Supportive Services Advisory Board; and the City College of San Francisco Trauma Certificate Program Advisory Board

Through these diverse work experiences I have developed a wide array of professional contacts and areas of expertise that I bring to my consulting role as an advocate on behalf of bay area organizations. 

My areas of expertise include the following:

  • Supporting agencies and associations going through significant organizational change or transition, including the start up or termination of programs within the organization
  • Assisting agencies with team building to create an environment that fosters positive growth within the organizational structure
  • Retreat facilitation related to organizational or personnel changes within an agency; a vast array of mental health and clinical related topics; and topics related to improving teaching methods on community college campuses
  • Fund development, with a focus on grant writing and foundation research
  • Policy and procedure development, including development of clinical treatment protocols for social service, mental health and healthcare related practices
  • Program development, planning and management
  • Grant management and reporting
  • Supervision of pre- and post-graduate social work, counseling and psychology interns who are accumulating hours for their Board of Behavioral Sciences license
  • Marketing, public relations and community advocacy, based on the contacts I have made working with various health and mental health care organizations in the bay area
I also specialize in facilitating workshops and staff training support on a wide array of topics:
  • Conflict mediation for leaders, managers and staff
  • Stress management
  • Managing staff burnout
  • Maintaining appropriate boundaries in the workplace and in the clinical setting
  • Mental health topics including trauma; domestic and sexual violence; depression; secondary/vicarious trauma; and human sexuality issues
  • Managing employee crises in the workplace
My organizational development experience has included work with:
Social Service Agencies
  • Institute on Aging (a community-based nonprofit organization providing innovative programs in health, social service, creative arts, spiritual support, education and research for seniors throughout the bay area)
  • Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired (an organization providing direct service, advocacy and information to the blind and visually impaired community)
  • Lincoln Child Center (an organization that serves youth and families impacted by trauma, poverty and socioeconomic circumstances through mental health, education, and family support services)

State Agencies, Professional Associations and Networks

  • State Compensation Insurance Fund (the largest provider of workers' compensation insurance in California)
  • San Francisco Child Care Providers’ Association (a diverse association of child care providers from throughout San Francisco and the bay area)
  • San Francisco Community Living Fund (a collaboration of 8 bay area organizations assisting the transition of seniors who have spent years living in hospitals/health care facilities and who wish to return to community living)
  • San Francisco Adult Day Services Network (a county-wide alliance of adult day service organizations whose membership includes 13 agencies providing neighborhood-based health and social services for seniors)

Health Care Organizations

  • Continuum (a nonprofit organization providing services to individuals living with HIV and/or AIDS and struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues)
  • The Glide Foundation (a nonprofit foundation and organization providing health services, daily free meals, permanent supportive housing, family youth and childcare services, a women’s center, a drop-in center with emergency services, and youth education and workforce development to break the cycle of poverty for those who are homeless and are experiencing poverty, mental health, substance abuse and health challenges)

Universities and Community Colleges

  • City College of San Francisco
  • The Village Residential Services at San Francisco State University

In my fund development work, I have successfully raised money from the following foundations and managed programs funded by them: 

  • The California Endowment
  • The United Way
  • The San Francisco Foundation
  • The Open Society Institute
  • The Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation
  • The Psychiatric Foundation of Northern California
  • The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Foundation
  • San Francisco Office on AIDS
  • San Francisco Department of Behavioral Health
  • The Kohlberg Foundation



My fee for consulting services ranges from $100 to $150 an hour depending on the type of project and services required, the complexity of the tasks involved in bringing the project to a successful conclusion, and the financial capability of the individual or organization with whom I am working.  Above all else, I am committed to working with you on a fee that will work for both of us.  So please feel free to contact me with the services you are looking for.  Only by hearing from you can we work together to come up with a plan that will bring you the services you need within a price range that works for both of us.

My professional goal for each organization I work with is to achieve the most successful outcome for the best value possible.

* * *